BESSY II (September 2019)

Resonant X-ray Scattering Nostalgia. Users of UE46, is there a better plotting software?

STS experiments on FeSe (September 2019)

Quasiparticle Interference (QPI) measured at the UC Davis STM/S Lab.

Experiments at CLS (September 2019)

We were the first external users to use the QMSC ARPES beam line.

Ryan Day (UBC) and Morgan Walker (UC Davis) measuring the band structure of FeSe, high-temperature superconductor.

Hf2Te2P Paper Published !!! (August 2019)

Congratulations to Tim and our collaborators in Davis and Berkeley !

Band structure mapping with scanning tunneling spectroscopy provides the first experimental evidence for the strong topological state near 460meV above the Fermi energy.

qRIXS at ALS (August 2019)

I went to Berkeley and all I got was this data set! šŸ™‚

Actually the beam line worked beautifully and there is much more coming. Manuscript in preparation, stay tuned!

Experiments at BESSY II Synchrotron (July/August 2019)

Investigating Charge Order in Cuprates Part 2

Collaboration between UC Davis, UCSD (Alex Frano), CIC nanoGUNE (Santiago Blanco-Canosa) and BESSY II (Erinco Schierle and Christian Shussler-Langeheine).

Photo (left to right): Eduardo, Morgan (UC Davis), Alejandro Ruiz (UCSD), Santi (CIC nanoGUNE) and Alex (UC sand Diego)

Temporary Helium Recovery System with a QD ATL80 (July 2019)

Thank you Peter Klavins, Physics Specialist! Now we can do low temperature STS again šŸ™‚

Experiments at BESSY II Synchrotron (May 2019)

Investigating Charge Order in Cuprates

Collaboration between UC Davis, UCSD (Alex Frano), CIC nanoGUNE (Santiago Blanco-Canosa) and BESSY II (Erinco Schierle and Christian Shussler-Langeheine).

Photo: Morgan Walker (UC Davis), Alejandro Ruiz (UCSD), Tim Boyle (UC Davis)

NSF Career awarded for the study of intertwined orders in quantum materials.

See News Articles and Abstract:

Sloan Research Fellowship in Physics

Awarded to E. H. da Silva Neto, PI (February 2018).

See New Articles and Announcement:

Resonant X-ray Scattering Experiments at SLAC

Studying cuprates in collaboration with Prof. Alex FraƱo from UC San Diego

Polarimetric RIXS on NCCO published as a Rapid Communication in Physical Review B

Ā We exploited the high-resolution ERIXS spectrometer at the ID32 beamline at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility to uncover the coupling between dynamic magnetic correlations and charge order in cuprates.

In thisĀ collaboration: UC Davis, Max PlanckĀ InstituteĀ FKF, University of Minnesota, Quantum Matter Institute (UBC), ESRF, CNRS,Ā Karlsruhe Institute for Technology ,Ā HZB, AGH Poland.

Congratulation to Martin Bluschke and collaborators. (July 2018).

We discovered the 3D stabilization of charge order in YBCO thin films, a behavior similar to what happens in bulk crystals of YBCO in high magnetic fields.

In thisĀ collaboration: Max PlanckĀ InstituteĀ FKF, HZB, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego,Ā  LBNL, IKERBASQUE, Donostia International Physics Center.

Alex Eisner’s last lecture (June 2018).

This was his last lecture before graduating:Ā linear response theory, Kubo formula, etc…

Alex Eisner learned and taught us the fundamentals of the quantum Hall effect and topological insulators.

Experiments at qRIXS, Advanced Light Source (June 2018)

Tim / Eduardo / Tim

Atoms and QPI on FeSe (May 2018).

Papers … (April 2018)

arXiv: 1804.09185

And congratulationsĀ to Fabio and the UBC collaborators!

Preparing equipment for CLS run (March 2018)

Tim and Sarahi

First STM measurements (Feb. 2018).

Tim by the control computer.

STM installation (part 1, Jan. 2018).

Unisoku team (Seino Yoshihide, Inui Yoshitaka and Mizuma Shinnosuke) assembling the instrument.

Inui working on the magnet.

E.H. da Silva Neto and David Barnes (UC Davis) enjoying the show.

The first atoms show up !!!

Performing Resonant X-ray Scattering experiments at the Canadian Light Source (December 2017).

CLS: Feizhou He, Ronny Sutarto. UC Davis: E.H. da Silva Neto, Davis Unruh and Junhui Shi at the beamline. Photo courtesy of the Canadian Light Source

Junhui Shi,Ā  Davis Unruh and E.H. da Silva Neto preparing the samples. Photo by the Canadian Light Source.

Feizhou He (CLS) and Tim Boyle (UC Davis) making the final checks of the RXS chamber,

Unisoku STM arrives (Dec. 2017)

Picking up the goods with the help of Brian Devine and David Hammer.

Eduardo and the seven crates.

Ultrafast experiments with the free-electron laser at LCLS (November 2017).

Another night shift with the full team (LCLS + SLAC + UBC + UC Davis)


E.H. da Silva Neto, Tim Boyle (UC Davis). Giacomo Coslovich (LCLS), Ellia Razzoli and Fabio Boschini (UBC)…

Performing RIXS experiments at the ESRF (Sep. 2017).

The heartbeat of America was strong at the ID-20 control room.